Dear Tam Chiropractic Patients,


We’d like to share an important and exciting announcement:

As of Dec 18, 2021, Dr. Andrea and Dr. Sydne will be offering chiropractic services independently and Tam Chiropractic will close.

Dr. Andrea will continue to practice in the same 712 D Street, Suite E office, with the new name Cavalla Chiropractic. She can be reached directly via e-mail at hello@cavallachiro.com or on her new office phone number: (415)-515-7533 or at www.cavallachiro.com.

Dr. Sydne will be opening ThriVia Chiropractic, at 610 D Street, Suite A, and can be reached directly via e-mail at hello@thriviahealth.com or on her new office phone number: (415)-785-4424 or at www.thriviahealth.com.

We are happy to continue to each schedule your upcoming appointments and will independently honor all pre-paid package visits that haven't been used. We understand that this is a quick transition, and we want to make things as seamless as possible for you. If you need anything, or have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

The last five years have been an honor, and there are no words to express our gratitude to be your chosen health care providers. We wish you a Happy Holiday season and New Year!

Very Truly Yours,

Dr. Sydne Pomin, D.C. &. Dr. Andrea Cavalla, D.C.

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