Dr. Sydne

Dr. Sydne Pomin, DC

Dr. Sydne graduated from Life Chiropractic College West Magna Cum Laude and with clinical honors.

Before finding her path to chiropractic, she received her B.S. in Business Management with a minor in marketing and spent years in corporate management.

After suffering a neck injury that leads to chronic migraines, she exhausted all “conventional” treatments. In the search for a solution, Dr. Sydne found her first chiropractor. With adjustments, Dr. Sydne found a long term, drug-free solution to her neck pain and headaches. After learning more from her chiropractor, her entire understanding of health and healing shifted. Dr. Sydne was so inspired she left her corporate management job and enrolled in full-time school to acquire the science classes required for chiropractic school. Though the change was challenging, Dr. Sydne was passionate to find a way to help others discover long term solutions to their health concerns.

Dr. Sydne is a self-proclaimed “geek” who enjoys reading the most current research through multiple disciplines to find imperative information when it comes to helping her patients. In her free time, Dr. Sydne loves being outside enjoying all the benefits of being a Marin County resident.


Dr. Andrea Cavalla, DC

Dr. Andrea graduated from Life Chiropractic College West Magna Cum Laude with clinical honors.

Before chiropractic, Dr. Andrea lived many lives as a land manager taking care of 100 of acres in Northern California while helping run and organize numerous non-profits sharing the benefits of organic food grown with permaculture principles. She later enrolled at Sonoma State completing her BS in Microbiology with a minor in women’s studies. Dr. Andrea found chiropractic, as so many people do — a car accident. She spent time going through the medical model and found herself in constant pain with no long-term solutions. Once she started chiropractic care she not only had major relief from her neck pain but realized how much more energy and vitality she could have. She was so moved by her experience she not only maintained regular care but decided to become a chiropractor herself. Dr. Andrea enjoys continually learning about the human body and always acquiring information to offer the best care to her patients. In her free time, Dr. Andrea enjoys exploring the trails of Marin and spending time at the ocean.