The California State Government considers Chiropractors as Essential Healthcare Workers and directs our Chiropractic Office to have a comprehensive social distancing and sanitation plan in place. This plan is presented below:

  1. Sign is put on front door or window that says, “Attention patients, in accordance with CDC guidelines if you have been traveling outside of the country the last two weeks, had a recent onset of cough, fever or shortness or breath or been in contact with anyone testing positive for COVID-19 you may not enter this office.”
  2. Every patient must wash hands when arriving to the office. Doctors wash their hands before and after each patient.  Gloves are available for adjustments or for patients use.
  3. Movement of patients and staff through the office with social distancing: To limit the number of patients in our center at one time so that everyone can be at least 6 feet or more apart at all practical times, we have enacted the following procedures. This plan will allow us to have approximately 4 people or less in the office at any time.
    • When arriving at the office, a patient will approach the door. If more than 4 people are in the office, they will be asked to wait outside. Once inside the office, patients are asked to fill out a check in form that asks if they have been experiencing any recent cough, sore throat or shortness of breath. We ask if they have been in contact with anyone tested for COVID-19 or tested positive for COVID-19. We also ask if any travel outside the US in the past 2 weeks. If any answers are yes, they are asked to return 14 days later. We scan for fever with a non contact thermometer. Temperatures must be under 100.4 F. Once screened patients are required to immediately wash hands and return to a table or to a dedicated space to maintain social distancing.  If you are a couple or family living together, you can come in at one time when called by us to come in from your care and follow the same procedure. You will be seen in the same room.
    • Adjustments will take place in the main room one person at a time or in the back exam room one person at a time.
    • Patients who have to use a pen to sign in will use sanitized pens and they will be sanitized upon use and replaced. Doctors will have patient’s charts and will fill in your subjective ratings by asking you questions verbally.
    • Payments at the front desk will be signed with a sanitized pen and then placed in the used container. Form of payment should be placed on the counter. Your payment method will be returned to the front counter while maintaining 6 feet social distancing guidelines. You may request an email or text receipt for any payment. This is an acceptable procedure for making payments and keeps needed social distancing.
    • Cards can be put on file to avoid exchange of payment every time.
  4. Our plan to comply with sanitation/disinfecting requirements throughout the chiropractic office.
    • All common surfaces are wiped down every hour with anit-viral cleanser.
    • Air filter running at all times
    • Deep cleaning of office during closed hours.
    • Windows and doors open when weather allows to allow proper air flow.
    • Disinfecting chiropractic tables each time they are used by a patient.
    • Doctors will be wearing face coverings at all times.
    • Patients are required to wear face coverings and keep them on during treatment.
    • The doctors will place your face paper on your table so you do not have to get a face paper and possibly touch other face papers in the process.

Our intent is for you to have a safe, comfortable, and valuable experience in our Chiropractic Office.