Our comprehensive approach:

We don’t use a cookie cutter plan or give you the same adjustment everyone else gets in the office. Over years of research, we have developed protocols and care plans that are designed to help you feel better faster, restore function and optimize your health with a combination of services.

1. Chiropractic Adjustments

We pride ourselves on providing specific, gentle and unique to you adjustments at every visit with the goal of reducing pain, restoring function and teaching your body how to navigate the unique stresses of your life.

2. Mobility and Stability Instruction

Every body moves different and has different goals. Some people want to get through their work day with out a headache. Some people want to run a marathon. Either way, its crucial to identify how to help you move better in your environment. Our care plans will identify your unique needs so we can equip you with tools you need to sustain your body for years to come.

3. Soft Tissue Support and Rapid Release Technology

Chiropractors work with your bones, but muscles attach to bone! We are skilled in knowing the right place and time to utilize soft tissue care (massage, muscle release, fascial tension work) that is most support to your results. In many cases we can utilize our Rapid Release technology to work through soft tissues issues faster than a long massage session or multiple sessions.

4. Erchonia Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser is a Low Level Light Therpy that helps improve pain and increases soft tissue healing. We use cold laser for new or exacerbated injuries to help the body heal faster. It is one of tools we have found that increases healing time so you can experience results sooner.

How We Work