Do you ever feel like your body just isn’t working for you?

Do you have a pain that just keeps coming back no matter what you try? Are you frustrated you’re spending too much time, energy and money trying to find a solution? We understand your frustration because we see it every day in our patients trying to navigate a very confusing system.

Human bodies are changing faster than we can adapt thanks to sitting, technology and a lack of movement. Chronic pain and injuries are at an all time high affecting people at a younger and younger age. We find more and more of our patients want solutions that don’t require a pill, shot or surgery because the results are usually temporary and can have harsh side effects.

At Tam Chiropractic of San Rafael, we want to put you back in charge of your health. We have designed programs that are time and cost effective that not only get you out of pain, but put you back in the driver’s seat with tools and resources to correct the real problem, not just put a band aid over it. Ready for some real results? You’ve come to the right place.

You have the ability to feel great and have freedom of movement at any age!

The changes we have seen in the human body due to technology, sitting and a sedentary lifestyle is taking an impact on people more aggressively and at a faster rate than we have ever seen. This rapid change is creating a need for a different focus in healthcare. Instead of being reactive and passive, the healthcare of the future will be proactive, empowered and patient-centered. This is what we strive to provide to you at Tam Chiropractic.

We view our role with you as a health partnership. We align ourselves with your goals and partner with you to not only find a recovery strategy, but provide tools to optimize your life for years to come. This is active, sustainable healthcare. This is Tam Chiropractic.